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Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 13

Written by | June 13th, 2011


Start your week with a heaping helping of greens.

  1. Biodegradable plastics may not litter the ocean or land, but they do contribute to climate change. (EcoGeek)
  2. Batteries will convert formerly wasted energy into subway-moving power. (Green)
  3. Skipping showers: the green thing to do, or just plain gross? (Grist)
  4. Check out these animals‘ amazing acoustic feats. (Wired)
  5. Rocky Mountain snowpack is on the decline. (Treehugger)

It’s Time for Environmentalists to Stop Crying Wolf

Written by | September 17th, 2009


Hate mail, angry community meetings, hyperbolic letters to the editor. No, not health care reform: Wolf hunting. Here in Idaho, it seems, the wolf hunting season — which opened earlier this month — has pushed all other news aside. Many environmentalists are mad as hell that wolf management has been turned over to the states […]

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