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Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 11

Written by | June 11th, 2010


The World Cup begins today — but put down your vuvuzela (that loud horn South Africans blow throughout matches) for a moment and get your green news first:

  1. What’s sustainable to wear, eat, and paint your nails with while watching the World Cup? (Treehugger)
  2. Yes, but what’s the carbon footprint of the World Cup? (Guardian)
  3. Update from Bonn climate talks — the text to take to Cancun is here… (Richard Black/BBC)
  4. You asked for ‘em, you got ‘em: Hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered…forklifts. (CleanTechnica)
  5. Researchers (not including Mini Me) are using lasers to predict likely bird habitat. (Conservation Maven)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 4

Written by | June 4th, 2010


Sometimes I open my RSS reader and just can’t believe my eyes. This is one of those days, my green friends:

  1. Which species will go extinct first from the Gulf oil spill? An online betting site gives odds. (10,000 Birds)
  2. James Cameron: Now on the oil spill case. (Dot Earth)
  3. Can free-market innovation give better solutions to oil spill prevention and cleanup? (Climate Compass)
  4. Do recovery plans for threatened and endangered species really work? (Conservation Maven)
  5. How to think about nature: As a portfolio of stocks. (Richard Black/BBC)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, February 22

Written by | February 22nd, 2010


Printing your own recyclable shoes. Melting ice caps that make you colder. Cat food that fights invasives. Are you ready for yet another crazy Cool Green Morning?

  1. Is printing a new pair of recyclable shoes on a 3D plastics printer the latest in green, or just crazy talk? (Treehugger)
  2. Unexpected: Why melting ice caps might make your city colder. (The Daily Green)
  3. Yet another use for cat food: Controlling an Australian invasive species. (Short Sharp Science)
  4. The mystery remains: Why did Yvo de Boer leave as head of the UN’s climate convention? (Richard Black/BBC Earth Watch)
  5. Wanna counter climate skepticism? Soon there’ll be an app for that. (The Guardian)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 9

Written by | November 9th, 2009


That’s not lice causing that scratching on your head (at least, we hope not) — it’s just a lot of head scratchers in today’s hot green news roundup. Stop the itch of curiosity right here! Now here’s a question that’s been keeping millions up at night! Which is greener: Going into the refrigerator for a […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 23

Written by | October 23rd, 2009


Some days you wake up and find everything you’re doing and believing is wrong — like eating tomatoes or thinking your fellow Americans trust the scientific consensus that man is causing climate change. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those days. But tomorrow is Climate Action Day, so…maybe slice a tomato and take it […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 31

Written by | July 31st, 2009


Your green horoscope for today: Every piece of bad news has a piece of good news, too. (Kind of like when a door closes, a window opens — except that your apartment is probably on the 22nd floor.) Learn more in these five glass-half-empty, glass-half-full green links, fresh from Al Gore’s brainchild: A new global […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, July 6

Written by | July 6th, 2009


Today’s links: Climate change, climate change, climate change, and…climate change. Along with an electric motorcycle that costs in the five figures, which also probably has something to do with climate change. Enjoy! Why climate change is bad for you, Chapter 10,456: Oxfam warns that rising temperatures will degrade worker productivity by up to 30 percent […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, May 20

Written by | May 20th, 2009


If you’re in a green building, are you happier? But first — can you even hear the question? Find out why green buildings are noisier — and all the other day’s hot green news — in this edition of Coolness: President Obama proposed tougher auto emissions and gas mileage standards for American-made autos yesterday. But […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, March 25

Written by | March 25th, 2009


The Tata Nano is here! What the heck is the Tata Nano?! The cheapest new car in history — costing less than $2,000 — the Nano gets 56 mpg, is about as small as an mP3 player…and is set to sweep India and then the rest of the developing world. But is that a good […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 20

Written by | March 20th, 2009


Happy vernal equinox! (Don’t worry–it happened about an hour ago…we checked.) The center of the sun has officially crossed the equator and is headed north…and we’re heating up with five of the hottest green stories on the Interwebs this morning: At Least It’s Not About Eating Children…Or Is It? A new Jonathan Swift (or a […]

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