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Expedition to the Raja Ampat Islands: Jewel of the Coral Triangle

Written by | December 3rd, 2009


Just the name Raja Ampat conjures up all sorts of exotic images — idyllic islands, lush tropical forests, and spectacular coral reefs in the midst of the Coral Triangle. In Bahasa Indonesian, the name Raja Ampat means “Four Kings.” How appropriate for the breathtakingly beautiful islands that comprise the highest marine biodiversity on earth. Over […]

Cryptic Coral Reef Organisms! (What Are Those?)

Written by | September 22nd, 2009


Editor’s Note: Alison Green, senior marine scientist for The Nature Conservancy, recently traveled to Papua New Guinea to see cutting-edge marine work by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the Coral Triangle, the most biodiverse marine region on Earth. Also read her first post from Papua New Guinea on sea-surface monitoring and […]

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