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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, April 2

Written by | April 2nd, 2013


DJ, drop a beat. Let’s play some tunes while reading today’s green news, shall we?

  1. Sea lion keeps a beat to music — you’ll be singing “Boogie Wonderland” all day. (Discover Magazine)
  2. Band-Aids that will work in water? Thank the gecko for inspiration. (National Geographic)
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle… and READ. Book industry increases their use of recycled paper. (Mongabay)
  4. Attack of the Noxious Algae Blooms: it sounds like a movie title, but it’s a reality in Lake Erie. (Huffington Post Green)
  5. In 2010, outdoor air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in China. (NY Times)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, March 16

Written by | March 16th, 2010


Desperate to get your Cool Green Morning on? Don’t worry– we’ve got you covered:

  1. A Welsh company is turning old plastic into brand-new, affordable housing. (CleanTechnica)
  2. Renters get the opportunity to buy into solar power– no landlord permission necessary. (Green Inc.)
  3. Did a drought make the Amazon greener? According to a new study, probably not. (Journal Watch Online)
  4. Here are ten reasons to get on the recycled-paper-products bandwagon already. (The Daily Green)
  5. Is Ian McEwan’s new book the first good climate change novel ever? (Treehugger)
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