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Translating How Climate Change Will Impact Your Backyard

Written by | February 18th, 2010


Climate change is going to impact everybody’s backyard — but so many people don’t understand that. Time to get the data out to them, says Conservancy scientist Evan Girvetz.

Conserving Nature Impacts People — But What Does That Mean?

Written by | January 19th, 2010


Conservation needs to firmly measure its socioeconomic impacts, says Rebecca Goldman — or else risk losing credibility.

Measuring Conservation Impacts? First, Get the Question Right

Written by | December 9th, 2009


Since I started my position as senior scientist at The Nature Conservancy a year and a half ago, I have been outspoken in the crusade to measure the impacts of the organization’s conservation strategies. Sure, I love knowing that the Conservancy has, for instance: Helped create new marine protected areas which cover hundreds of hectares, […]

Open Thread August: Why Don’t Americans Get Climate Change?

Written by | August 3rd, 2009


While nearly 75% of the world thinks climate change should be a top priority for governments, only 44% of Americans agree, says a new survey. Why the disparity? Are scientists not communicating the dangers of global warming clearly, as our bloggers Rebecca Goldman and Peter Kareiva think? Are Americans not (gulp) educated enough? Are we […]

Still More ‘Evidence’ That Scientists Need To Stop Talking in Science-Speak

Written by | July 15th, 2009


As scientists we are trained to speak in uncertain terms, to couch evidence in probabilities, and to be accurate about our inaccuracies.  The consequence: an insider language. To be fair, we are not trying to sound overly intellectual (at least not always). Rather, we are not taught nor rewarded for other communication types. In addition, […]

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