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The Tortoise and the Raven: An Energy Story

Written by | July 10th, 2012


Lesson from the Mojave energy boom: Give a raven a power line and he’ll be that much better at preying upon baby desert tortoises.

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, June 30

Written by | June 30th, 2010


Mon dieu — 2010 is already half over? Here’s to MUCH better green news for the second half [insert clink of glasses of your favorite organic drink here]:

  1. Ever console someone after a fight? Turns out ravens do that, too. (Living the Scientific Life)
  2. German airports now using bees to detect nearby air quality. (Treehugger)
  3. Ford Motors now using ecofoam to build its cars. (GreenBiz)
  4. The Energy Collective ‘s top 10 myths on climate policy. (DotEarth)
  5. It just had to have one, too: Antarctica now has its own garbage gyre. (EcoGeek)
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