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Nature Photo of the Week: Silly Rabbit

Written by | November 9th, 2012


We love a nature photo with a sense of humor! Flickr user Brett NJ made us chuckle with this “caught in the act” shot of a hungry Eastern cottontail photographed at Julian L Capik Nature Preserve in Sayreville, New Jersey. We appreciate you sharing it through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group. See all of The […]

Is Conservation…Unnatural?

Written by | March 16th, 2009


I wrote about the Church Bird of Borneo a few weeks ago, and asked the question how species could be evolutionary winners and conservation disasters at the same time. The issue is about exotic and invasive species that are ecologically much better adapted to their new environments than indigenous species, which are often fine-tuned with […]

When Invasives Go Bad. Really Bad.

Written by | January 16th, 2009


This week, scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division published a paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology about invasive species, relating a story that boggles the mind. Start with Macquarie Island, located between New Zealand and Antarctica, and the property of Tasmania. Its surface area is only about 128 square kilometers, so you really have to […]

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