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COP-14: A Tale of Two Conferences?

Written by | December 12th, 2008


From media reports this morning, it’s like there are two United Nations climate conferences going on in Poznan, Poland — one that is waiting for the West to do something, and one where actual progress is being made, especially by developing countries. On the progress front, the Washington Post‘s Juliet Elprin reports (registration required) that […]

COP-14: Big Guns Called In; U.S. Has Bad News on Climate Change Legislation

Written by | December 10th, 2008


POZNAN, Poland — The big names begin arriving in Poznan today as negotiations ramp up in the final three days of the international climate change meeting. And U.S. congressional staffers warn that passage of cap-and-trade climate change legislation is unlikely to happen in the next 12 months. Former Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to […]

COP-14 Update: Adaptation Key to Negotiations

Written by | December 8th, 2008


POZNAN, POLAND — As the second and final week of COP-14 kicks off in Poland today, developing countries have called for ecosystem-based adaptation to be a critical part of a post-2012 climate change agreement. During government negotiations last week, delegates with the “G77 and China” group, which represents all of the world’s developing countries, said […]

COP-14 Update: Seeing REDD in Poznan

Written by | December 8th, 2008


POZNAN, POLAND — Over the weekend here at the COP-14, Duncan Marsh, director of international climate policy for the Conservancy, led a panel on why reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) is a critical part of the climate change solution. Among the speakers were Ambassador Hans Brattskar of Norway, Benjamin Karmorh from Liberia’s Environmental […]

Good COP…Better COP

Written by | December 3rd, 2008


The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) is on again–this time in Poznan, Poland, for what’s known as COP-14. Yet another government yak-fest about climate change, you say? Isn’t this just more diplomatic fiddling while the world continues to burn? Certainly, Poznan doesn’t promise the drama of last year’s COP in Bali, when the United […]

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