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Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 21

Written by | June 21st, 2010


Yes, it’s the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere — the longest day of the year, the day everything is exposed in bright sunshine. Like so:

  1. Could the Mississippi River prevent the Gulf oil spill from moving further into Louisiana’s wetlands? (Conservation Maven)
  2. BP’s internal worst-case scenario of the oil flowing from the Gulf spill? Much worse than we’ve been hearing. (Dot Earth)
  3. A zero-energy refrigerator? Only through the power of green gel… (EcoGeek)
  4. “20-minute neighborhoods”? That’s what Portland’s mayor wants all over his beautiful city. (Grist)
  5. What are all these environmental worries good for? Electric car sales, for one thing. (GreenTech)
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