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Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 11

Written by | May 11th, 2012


We hope all the moms will have a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend. Our early gift, cool green news!

  1. A face not just a mom could love: Meet the 1-in-30 million calico lobster! (Huffington Post Green)
  2. You won’t believe how much plastic waste has risen in the Pacific Ocean. (BBC)
  3. Did this video catch a mysterious marine monster or is it all a hoax? (Discovery)
  4. Household chemicals’ “cocktail effect” raises cancer concerns, other illnesses says watchdog. (Guardian)
  5. Check out the cool tool their using to help save Yellowstone’s wolves. (Wired)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, October 20

Written by | October 20th, 2011


Just in time for Halloween: Outsider zombie queen wasps!

  1. Divers off Colombia discovered a massive shark massacre, as many as 2,000 are dead. (Guardian)
  2. Your washing machine is an important source of plastic pollution in oceans. (Green)
  3. A parasite is turning wasps into outsider zombie queens. (Wired)
  4. One species of reef fish live have a fascinating method of catching prey. (BBC)
  5. Pictures: Underwater volcano erupts off the Canary Islands and stains the seas. (National Geographic)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, May 23

Written by | May 23rd, 2011


Hey, we’re all still here! Let’s celebrate with some great green news:

  1. Protected land is protecting communities in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Basin from flooding. (NPR)
  2. The more energy-efficient your home/appliance/car/etc. is, the more energy you burn…maybe. (The Daily Green)
  3. What are we going to do about all that plastic in the ocean? (Green)
  4. Ask Umbra offers up more eco-friendly alternatives to those ubiquitous single-serving coffee cups. (Grist)
  5. One blogger doesn’t believe we can shop our way to sustainability. Here’s why. (GreenBiz)
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