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Expedition to the Raja Ampat Islands: Karst Islands and Carnivorous Plants

Written by | December 11th, 2009


(Editor’s note: Conservancy Senior Marine Scientist Alison Green is on an expedition to the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia — amidst some of the most spectacular and biodiverse coral reef ecosystems in the world. Catch up on all her posts from the expedition.) Raja Ampat is world-famous for hosting the highest marine diversity on earth. […]

As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

Written by | February 9th, 2009


Is there a statute of limitations for poaching? You see, one of my interests is carnivorous plants, and I’m particularly fond of pitcher plants in the genus Sarracenia. (Proof: I own Sarracenia.com!) These plants are easy to grow, and there’s a large horticultural community that loves them. They’re great plants — dramatic, showy, and just […]

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