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Invasive Species: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Written by | June 7th, 2011


Should we continue to fight invasive species? Peter Kareiva says a new article in the journal Nature should make us think hard about how and where we say yes.

Peter Kareiva Named to National Academy of Sciences

Written by | May 3rd, 2011


The Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist was named for his “excellence in original scientific research.” Read more about one of the highest honors a scientist or engineer can receive in the United States.

Why Do We Keep Hearing Global Fisheries Are Collapsing?

Written by | November 29th, 2010


Some marine scientists say many of the world’s fish stocks are nearing collapse…but the data suggest otherwise, says Peter Kareiva. So why does the media still report that we’re on the verge of a fisheries apocalypse?

Chat Transcript: Peter Kareiva on Environmental Education

Written by | October 19th, 2010


Peter Kareiva, The Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist and co-author of the new textbook Conservation Science: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature, answered your questions on Monday, October 18 about topics including environmental education and how to get kids interested in nature.

Can Scientists Communicate Better About Climate Change? Part II

Written by | August 26th, 2010


Our debate on where communicating climate science went wrong continues with a look at what scientists need to do to regain the public’s trust…if anything.

Can Scientists Communicate Better About Climate Change? Part I

Written by | August 13th, 2010


It’s been a bad year for climate science communication — but who’s to blame? Scientists? Politicians? Al Gore? Five leading scientists discuss — read and let us know what you think!

Finding the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Written by | July 8th, 2010


A new program to get urban youth into nature isn’t just a step forward for the Conservancy — it represents the key to conservation’s future, says Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva.

Why We Engage With the Energy Industry: It’s For Nature

Written by | May 23rd, 2010


Nature Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva says the Gulf Oil spill highlights how the energy industry can be a threat to nature — and that’s why conservationists must engage with energy companies such as BP to minimize those threats.

Worry About Air Pollution, Not Just Climate Change

Written by | October 29th, 2009


Yes, global warming is a big deal and a big challenge. But sometimes I get so frustrated by conservation and environmental NGO’s for not being able to chew gum and walk at the same time — in other words, for failing to appreciate the real lesson of greenhouse gas emissions. The real lesson is there […]

Why Do We Fall in Love with Nature? And Does It Mean Conservation is in Trouble?

Written by | October 7th, 2009


I have made a habit of asking ardent supporters of conservation — from members of The Nature Conservancy’s board of directors to the volunteer docents at a neighborhood nature reserve — why they care about conservation. The answer, almost inevitably, is some memorable or inspiring experience in nature. So what will happen if future generations […]

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