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Peter Kareiva Inducted to National Academy of Sciences

Written by | April 29th, 2012


Our chief scientist receives a major honor and CEO Mark Tercek sees it as recognition that conservation science can play a vital role in solving important global challenges like food security and water scarcity.

Could Conservation-Friendly Farming Include GMOs?

Written by | August 2nd, 2011


Genetically modified organisms — scourge of the Earth, or potential boon to poverty reduction and conservation? We should follow the data, not our prejudices, says Peter Kareiva.

Why Conservation Can No Longer Ignore Apex Species

Written by | July 20th, 2011


Wolves, bears, sharks — conservation has neglected such top-of-the-food-web species in favor of stopping biodiversity loss in the abstract, says Peter Kareiva. But a new study should change that.

Peter Kareiva Named to National Academy of Sciences

Written by | May 3rd, 2011


The Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist was named for his “excellence in original scientific research.” Read more about one of the highest honors a scientist or engineer can receive in the United States.

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