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Bringing the Gulf Back to Full Health

Written by | August 13th, 2010


How can we take restoration in the Gulf beyond a “business-as-usual” approach? The Conservancy’s president and CEO Mark Tercek explains.

Gulf Health Report: A Lesson in Resilience

Written by | July 26th, 2010


What would an ER nurse have to say about the Gulf oil spill? Underlying health issues exacerbate the impacts of the spill, but nature is resilient, says Conservancy writer Cara Byington.

Some Good Blue News: Ocean Success Stories

Written by | June 5th, 2009


The International Marine Conservation Congress was held late last month at the Smithsonian Institution’s Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. — about 1,000 ocean scientists, advocates and educators from all corners of Planet Ocean gathering to share research and new ideas on improving ocean conservation and management. And the big news out of the congress? […]

85 Percent of World’s Oyster Reefs? Gone.

Written by | May 22nd, 2009


That’s not a typo. According to a new report by Nature Conservancy scientists and partners, shellfish reefs worldwide have deteriorated over the last century to the verge of disappearance. I’m a vegetarian, but this is bad news for me — and all of us. Why? Because shellfish reefs are critical in many places for more […]

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