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Open Thread: How Will You Make Your Holidays Green?

Written by | November 16th, 2010


There are many ways to make the season a little more eco-friendly. Simple things like supporting Green Gift Monday, recycling wrapping paper or using LED lights. Will you be doing anything different this year to make it a green holiday season?

Personal Green or Political Green?

Written by | April 26th, 2010


Has green activism lost its way, forsaking political action for mere shopping and lifestyle choices? Or is personal green action a necessary prelude to collective change? Let us know what you think — leave a comment below.

Open Thread: What’s Your Eco-Resolution for 2010?

Written by | January 4th, 2010


Going greener for the New Year? Or are you sick and tired of resolutions that don’t stick? Leave a comment — let us know what you’re doing (or not doing) to save the planet in 2010!

Open Thread: What’s Your Take on Copenhagen?

Written by | December 21st, 2009


Now that the UN climate summit in Copenhagen is over…what’s your take on what happened? And what do you think are the prospects for a binding global treaty to deal effectively with climate change?

Open Thread August: Why Don’t Americans Get Climate Change?

Written by | August 3rd, 2009


While nearly 75% of the world thinks climate change should be a top priority for governments, only 44% of Americans agree, says a new survey. Why the disparity? Are scientists not communicating the dangers of global warming clearly, as our bloggers Rebecca Goldman and Peter Kareiva think? Are Americans not (gulp) educated enough? Are we […]

Open Thread: Does Earth Day Matter Anymore?

Written by | April 2nd, 2009


Does Earth Day still have the potential to move people…or has it become a forgotten holiday? And if you think it has lost its mojo, what would make it more meaningful? Discuss and debate — leave us a comment below.

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