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Cool Green Morning: Monday, October 1

Written by | October 1st, 2012


It’s just another cool green Monday:

  1. Global demand for oil falls, and so do prices. (Christian Science Monitor)
  2. A new study says climate change will make fish tinier. (AP, via Huffington Post Green)
  3. Here’s how to cook your veggies to retain the most nutrients. (Grist)
  4. Illegal logging is shockingly lucrative. (Mongabay)
  5. Melting Arctic ice could have serious impacts on the Inuit way of life. (YaleE360)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, December 31

Written by | December 31st, 2009


Only one day left in 2009 to catch the hottest green news links. See you in 2010!

  1. Treehugger offers up nine hopeful predictions for 2010. (Treehugger)
  2. Volunteers from 35 countries are on the lookout for the slender-billed curlew, last seen in 2001. (Extinction Countdown)
  3. Those pretty little (or not-so-little) home aquariums of tropical fish could be fueling the collapse of a Florida fishery. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  4. London has launched a new plan to ensure there will be charging stations within one mile of all residents by 2015. (EcoGeek)
  5. Scientists say that increased carbon dioxide emissions are causing the oceans to be louder. (New York Times)
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