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Indonesian President Calls for a Green Economy

Written by | June 14th, 2012


World leaders increasingly recognize that investing in nature is fundamentally necessary for a healthy, equitable and prosperous world.

Connecting the Dots on REDD+

Written by | September 24th, 2010


When it was first introduced in 2005 REDD was a revelation in forest conservation. Five years later a Conservancy scientist looks at a region where its principles are being implemented and measures the impact so far.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 9

Written by | April 9th, 2010


I don’t know what to say about this morning’s hot 5 green links. You’re just going to have to shake your head in amazement for yourself:

  1. John Deere’s support of climate and energy legislation is the target of TV attack ads. (CleanTechnica)
  2. Wildlife-friendly oil palm plantations? Not so wildlife-friendly, says a new study. (Conservation Maven)
  3. Another cheery new study: Millions of Australian reptiles fall into abandoned mine shafts every year (and don’t get out). (Conservation Maven)
  4. Can the climate crisis be rebranded? (As “Energy Quest”?) (Triple Pundit)
  5. A dwarf lemur is rediscovered…100 years after it was last spotted. (Mongabay)

A New Orangutan Population on Borneo

Written by | March 30th, 2009


Finding a new population of any species is good news in conservation. But finding a hitherto undiscovered population of orangutans (see one in the video above) is really exciting. And we did just that. In December 2008, we found a significant population of Bornean orangutans. This is some welcome news on a generally gloomy conservation […]

Taking Advantage of the Economic Downturn

Written by | December 7th, 2008


Many of us have felt the impact of the economic crisis. Shares are down, pension funds have evaporated, some have lost their jobs, and house prices have plummeted. The world has certainly seen more cheerful times, at least in financial terms. Conservation organizations are also being forced to cut back, because we expect that the […]

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