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Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, January 12

Written by | January 12th, 2011


It doesn’t get much cooler or greener than today’s five links…until tomorrow’s edition, anyway.

  1. A little bit of good news out of Haiti: Researchers have rediscovered six previously “lost” frog species there. (Mongabay)
  2. President Obama’s oil spill commission urges tougher rules for offshore drilling. (New York Times)
  3. According to the FTC, products certified as “Tested Green” weren’t necessarily green. (The Daily Green)
  4. Lucky China is about to get the world’s largest solar roof. (CleanTechnica)
  5. The hybrid electric Chevy Volt was just named “North American Car of the Year.” (EcoGeek)

Green Gift Monday Partner Q&A: Surfrider Foundation

Written by | December 6th, 2010


Matt McClain of the Surfrider Foundation tells us why he doesn’t have a Christmas tree and shares a big secret, the three best days of the year to hit the waves.

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, October 6

Written by | October 6th, 2010


From solar panels in the White House to poop gas (teehee!) in your kitchen, today’s round-up presents a high-brow/low-brow mix of great green news:

  1. Researchers discovered 200 new species in Papua New Guinea…and you HAVE to see the pictures. (Mongabay)
  2. In case you missed yesterday’s announcement: Obama gives a thumbs-up to White House solar panels. (CleanTechnica)
  3. Obama must be all about solar these days, because his administration just approved the first big solar projects to be built on federal lands. (Grist)
  4. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about energy-efficient light bulbs. (The Daily Green)
  5. The grossest headline of the day: “Cooking on poop gas takes off.” (Treehugger)

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, June 16

Written by | June 16th, 2010


Get the latest on some stuff that happened last night! This morning, we’re playing cool green catch-up.

  1. Did you miss it? #1: Get the full text of President Obama’s speech on energy and the Gulf oil spill. (Huffington Post)
  2. Did you miss it? #2: The Nature Conservancy’s Florida team shows off a NOAA-funded coral restoration project (CBS Evening News).
  3. Here are 11 fun and exciting ways to get your kids to play outside. (The Daily Green)
  4. Kevin Costner and his science are really and truly helping to clean up the Gulf oil spill. (Guardian)
  5. Guess what? The month of May was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. (Los Angeles Times)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, May 27

Written by | May 27th, 2010


Start your day the Cool Green way:

  1. “Top kill”: not this summer’s most anticipated action flick, but maybe a way to stop that dang oil from flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Researchers discovered a new bird species in Colombia. In case you were wondering: it’s really cute. (Update: Fun fact! This bird was named after a former Conservancy employee.) (Mongabay)
  3. President Obama will extend the ban on new offshore drilling. (Washington Post)
  4. The gopher: the new poster child of climate change? (Green)
  5. Conservation and biodiversity=happiness, especially in your belly, says one writer. (Guardian)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 18

Written by | May 18th, 2010


We scoured the internet for the day’s best green news so you don’t have to… but you still can, if you want.

  1. The world is getting hotter and hotter everywhere except Chicago. (dotEarth)
  2. Obama wants to get to the bottom of the oil spill, but not literally– he’s setting up a presidential commission to figure out what the heck happened. (Grist)
  3. Look at all the cool new species researchers just discovered in Indonesia’s Foja Mountains! (Mongabay)
  4. So this is kind of weird, but also awesome: scientists have devised a way to recycle cigarette butts. (Journal Watch Online)
  5. Dancing baby corals are real, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (Treehugger)

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, April 14

Written by | April 14th, 2010


What’s cool and green and read all over? Well, duh:

  1. Is this real life? A three-story building made of recycled plastic bottles was just unveiled in Taiwan. (Treehugger)
  2. Just how green are Obama’s rumored picks for the Supreme Court? (Grist)
  3. A new study finds that Canada’s Devon Island ice cap is melting way, way too fast. (LA Times Greenspace)
  4. Apparently, going paperless might not always be the greenest option. (GreenBiz)
  5. Bikes are just as important as cars, says US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. (Ensue backlash.) (Huffington Post Green)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, April 1

Written by | April 1st, 2010


Yeah, it’s April Fools’ Day, but these five links are no joke. Serious green news ahead:

  1. “Climategate” investigators say that the scientists behind the emails did not manipulate data or undermine the peer review process (YaleE360).
  2. This is a new one: How to recycle concrete. (GreenBiz)
  3. So why exactly is Obama giving a thumbs-up to offshore drilling? (The Vine)
  4. In just one month, Washington, DC’s five-cent plastic bag tax significantly reduced bag usage and raised $150,000 for Anacostia River cleanup. (Treehugger)
  5. A new report says that central African gorillas could be extinct in as little as 15 years. (Scientific American)

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, March 31

Written by | March 31st, 2010


Toads, dolphins and offshore drilling– oh my! You’ll find it all in today’s roundup of the morning’s coolest, greenest news:

  1. This just in: Obama OKs offshore drilling in large sections of the Alaskan, Atlantic and Gulf coasts. (Grist)
  2. A new study shows that the reproduction rate of dolphins in the Mississippi Sound spiked post-Hurricane Katrina. (Journal Watch Online)
  3. Europe could be totally powered by renewable energy by 2050. Jealous? (The Vine)
  4. The science of genomics is helping researchers figure out the biological effects of climate change and develop new biofuels. (Red, Green and Blue)
  5. Toads can predict earthquakes, says a new report. (Guardian)

Cool Green Budget: What’s Good for Nature in FY2011

Written by | February 24th, 2010


President Obama’s proposed federal budget has some very good things for nature — and people who depend on nature, says the Conservancy’s Bob Bendick.

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