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Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 23

Written by | December 23rd, 2011


How many toes does it take to hold up the weight of an elephant?

  1. A new oil spill may have released 40,000 barrels of crude. (Guardian)
  2. VIDEO: Watch the last release of tiny penguins rescued from the New Zealand oil spill. (Huffington Post Green)
  3. Newly developed ‘solar paint’ could provide power for homes. (TG Daily)
  4. Last seen in 1976, new evidence suggests Javan tigers may not be extinct. (TreeHugger)
  5. A 300 year-old mystery about elephants may have finally been solved. (BBC)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, October 17

Written by | October 17th, 2011


Does someone have a case of the Mondays? Yeah, I’m gonna need you to read some green news.

  1. The oil spill disaster in New Zealand has already killed over 1,200 birds. (Mongabay)
  2. A baby gorilla was rescued from poachers in an armed sting operation. See the adorable pics! (National Geographic)
  3. Your lunch may depend on the answer: Are food trucks greener than restaurants? (TreeHugger)
  4. Video: Criminal penguin is caught on camera stealing from its neighbor. (BBC)
  5. New research suggests that climate change is causing species to shrink. (Green)
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