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Methods for Ranking Urban Resilience to Climate Change

Written by | June 7th, 2011


How did Jeff Opperman rank US cities’ resilience to climate change? Here’s a peek at his methods.

My Own Personal Oil Spill

Written by | June 6th, 2011


Conservancy scientist Randy Swaty makes a mistake changing his truck’s oil…and it prompts some heavy thoughts on the price Earth pays for our conveniences.

Giant Technicolor Clam!

Written by | June 2nd, 2011


What’s up with this wildly colored giant clam — is it real, is it electrified, is it going to explode? Find out in this post from our scientist Stephanie Wear, who’s in Palau with clams just like this one.

Nature Brains: Will Climate Change Spoil Fruits and Nuts?

Written by | May 25th, 2011


Almonds, cherries, apples…climate change might make the growing tougher for a whole trail mix of fruit and nut trees, according to a new study coauthored by Conservancy scientist Evan Girvetz.

The Mississippi River Flood: A Louisiana Scientist’s View

Written by | May 19th, 2011


The high waters of the Mississippi are coming to Louisiana — but can we stop these floods from happening in the future? Bryan Piazza, father, husband and Nature Conservancy ecologist in Louisiana, says using natural systems smartly can help.

Nature Brains: Want a Better Garden? Soil Critters Can Help

Written by | May 12th, 2011


Wanna grow big delicious vegetables and stunning flowers? Harness the power of soil organisms, my friend. Conservancy scientist Sophie Parker gives you the lowdown.

Soil Organisms: ‘It’s Pretty Vicious Down There’

Written by | February 7th, 2011


There are millions of bizarre species under our feet — and it’s a war down there! Conservancy scientist Sophie Parker dishes the dirt on soil organisms and why you should care.

Why We Engage With the Energy Industry: It’s For Nature

Written by | May 23rd, 2010


Nature Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva says the Gulf Oil spill highlights how the energy industry can be a threat to nature — and that’s why conservationists must engage with energy companies such as BP to minimize those threats.

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