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Disney Wilderness Preserve: The Natural Theme Park?

Written by | December 29th, 2009


Visiting Disneyworld in Orlando? Conservancy migratory bird expert Dave Mehlman says you should stop at the Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve, too.

Uno is a Girl (Probably): Update on Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Hatchlings

Written by | June 2nd, 2009


We haven’t updated you recently on the prospects of Uno, the red-cockaded woodpecker hatchling at our Disney Wilderness Preserve that we showed you video of a few weeks back, looking all transparent and gross (and precious and beautiful, too, because all life is beautiful, of course). Well, Uno’s growing up fast and looking a lot […]

More Amazing Hatchling Woodpecker Video

Written by | May 14th, 2009


Do you want the good news or the bad news first in the saga of the newly hatched red-cockaded woodpeckers on our Florida Disney Wilderness Preserve? OK, the bad news: Of the four hatchlings we featured in the last nest video, three have died. The good news? The remaining hatchling in that nest is doing […]

Woodpeckers Hatch!

Written by | May 11th, 2009


Red-cockaded woodpeckers have successfully bred hatchlings on The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve for the first time since the 1970s! See video above for the hatchlings of parents “George” and “Gracie” — and learn more about this conservation effort in the reality blog Knock on Wood!

Knock on Wood: Our Reality Blog About Nesting Woodpeckers

Written by | April 30th, 2009


That’s right — a reality blog about woodpeckers. But why? Because after two years of successful reintroduction, red-cockaded woodpeckers (RCW for short) are now attempting to nest in prepared cavities all over The Nature Conservancy’s beautifully restored Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida. Which will be the first pair to see their chicks hatch in this […]

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