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Climate Change and Conflict: Is There Any Correlation?

Written by | September 11th, 2012


Will climate change lead to a future with more war? Some say yes, but past evidence suggests otherwise, says Conservancy scientist Joe Fargione.

Did Hillary Clinton Set the Stage for Climate Progress?

Written by | February 24th, 2009


This past week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi along with President Hu Jintao and others. As these meetings were part of her first overseas trip as secretary, their significance is huge in so many ways — but in particular because climate change was prominently on the agenda. Granted […]

Invasive Species: National Security Threat?

Written by | December 8th, 2008


Each year, new insects, plants and microbes slip into the United States unnoticed. Most quickly perish, but some wreak havoc: they spread tree diseases, wipe out native species, endanger whole ecosystems. In a global society, such introductions are perhaps inevitable. Conservationists continually warn that prevention is cheaper than control, but with so many other national […]

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