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The Green Buzz: Wednesday, June 5

Written by | June 5th, 2013


Happy World Environment Day. Celebrate by reading some cool green stories.

  1. There’s one main reason why vehicles on LA roads have tripled but air pollution is down. (myFOXla)
  2. WATCH: Cancel all plans and check out these truly incredible octopus videos! (TreeHugger)
  3. 15 new bird species have been discovered in the Amazon. See the pictures. (Wired)
  4. Giant shark is caught off California coast during reality show taping, controversy ensues. (LA Times)
  5. Scientists may start using stinky feet to battle malaria-infected mosquitoes. (Washington Post)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, August 23

Written by | August 23rd, 2012


Climate change, West Nile, and the Smokey Bear Effect – oh my!

  1. I heart NYC: New York’s City Council added climate change panels to advise the city on threats of global warming. (Green)
  2. 40 percent of the food in the U.S. — that’s almost half — gets tossed in the trash. (Grist)
  3. West Nile Outbreak: is climate change (yet again) to blame? (Scientific American)
  4. Ever heard of the Smokey Bear Effect? That bear may be responsible for the new norm: raging wildfires. (NPR)
  5. Salmon enter Olympic National Park for the first time after a dam is removed. (National Geographic)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, July 19

Written by | July 19th, 2012


Birds that eat plastic? Gorillas that dismantle traps? An elaborate Shell website hoax? Get your green news here!

  1. It seems as though North American birds ingest the most plastic of all the birds in the world. (Treehugger)
  2. Check out Arctic Ready. It’s a Shell website…er, an elaborate hoax by Greenpeace — and it’s good. (Huffington Post)
  3. What would you choose: Dengue fever, or GMO mosquitoes? Residents of Florida have to decide. (Grist)
  4. It’s true! You can smell oncoming summer rain. (Scientific American)
  5. Juvenile gorillas found and dismantled poachers’ traps in Rwanda! (National Geographic)

Thelon Expedition: Mosquitoes

Written by | August 1st, 2011


The pale walls of my tent are smeared in many places as if a little kid with fingers covered in chocolate had played inside. The smears are blood.

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