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Making History and Saving an Ecosystem

Written by | December 20th, 2010


The Conservancy’s president and CEO loves his job. See which massive accomplishment this month is just the latest reason why he feels this way.

Best and Worst Environmental Moments of 2010

Written by | December 13th, 2010


You know about the oil spill, but what other stories made our lead scientist’s list of environmental issues that dominated the year?

The Book I Gave (And Didn’t Give) Senator Baucus

Written by | October 7th, 2009


The other week, flying back home from DC to Montana, I found myself sitting across the airplane aisle from Max Baucus, the senior senator from Montana – powerful, influential, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and author of a leading version of the much ballyhooed health care bill. One of the advantages of living in […]

A Rabbit as Canary: The Crown of the Continent

Written by | August 4th, 2009


Scientists trying to explain climate change might take note of a story in the latest edition of Newsweek magazine. It’s an elegantly written piece that discusses big scientific concepts such as connectivity, biodiversity and climate change in a way that neither dumbs down the science nor leaves the reader lost in a tangle of intimidating […]

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