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Green Travel: A Trip to the Greenest City in America

Written by | October 12th, 2009


As hard as “living green” can be at home, it’s even harder on vacation. All the miles driven or flown, all the eating out…all the things you just can’t control. Luckily, I just took a trip to what could be considered the greenest city in America: Portland, Ore. But how green was my vacation? And […]

Raise an Organic Toast to Earth Day

Written by | April 21st, 2009


Looking for a proper beverage to enjoy (responsibly, of course) on Earth Day? How about an organic beer? I’ve recently been doing some “research” around town in Boise, and have found organic brews to be surprisingly easy to find. Not to mention tasty. There are organic lagers and ambers and India Pale Ales and porters, […]

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