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Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 18

Written by | March 18th, 2011


Here’s your daily dose of green news to get you ready for the weekend:

  1. Messenger spacecraft is the first man-made object to orbit Mercury. (LA Times)
  2. 22 China pig farmers were arrested amid food safety alert. (Guardian UK)
  3. Japan quake epicenter was in an unexpected location. (Wired Science)
  4. Hygienic sharks go to cleaner stations to rid themselves of nasty parasites. (BBC)
  5. No longer seaworthy, wrecked boats are being recycled into furniture. (Treehugger)

Worry About Air Pollution, Not Just Climate Change

Written by | October 29th, 2009


Yes, global warming is a big deal and a big challenge. But sometimes I get so frustrated by conservation and environmental NGO’s for not being able to chew gum and walk at the same time — in other words, for failing to appreciate the real lesson of greenhouse gas emissions. The real lesson is there […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, Feb. 24

Written by | February 24th, 2009


Today’s news from NASA isn’t good, but we found a few positive nuggets out there in cyberspace — read on for our daily round-up of green news. Waiter, There’s Mercury in My Fish: The U.S., China, India and hundreds of other countries have agreed to develop a global treaty to curb industrial use of mercury. (Hat-tip: Environmental Leader.) Eat Your […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, Feb. 18

Written by | February 18th, 2009


WARNING: There’s a really gross story in this Cool Green Morning THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST IF YOU CONTINUE READING. (Oh, and it’s not the one about how Arctic peat is contributing to climate change, although that is really odd.) OK, you’ve been warned… Too Crabby: Saving the shorebird known as the […]

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