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Green Mom: It’s the Little Things

Written by | May 10th, 2013


When the state of the environment feels overwhelming, it’s good to remind yourself — and your children — that little things can create big change.

Would the Titanic Still Sink in 2012?

Written by | March 23rd, 2012


April 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Could this ship navigate today’s changing oceans? Our scientist explains how climate change may actually be responsible for more icebergs in the ocean.

Like Water for Oil

Written by | March 18th, 2009


I attended a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course in Kenya for a portion of my last year of college. I learned more about fresh water during those four weeks than at any other time in my life. From collecting water in Mt. Kenyan streams to visiting African towns that had unreliable water systems, I […]

Fire as a Conservation Method?

Written by | March 5th, 2009


Fire — that magical, powerful phenomena — can threaten societies. It can also do wonders for nature at the same time. Some Conservancy scientists recently published a paper discussing this very thing. It’s short and well worth reading — it gives you a basic understanding of the importance of fire to the health of many […]

I Resolve to be Green and Fashionable

Written by | January 20th, 2009


Think New Year’s Resolutions are just a way to make yourself feel good by pretending that you’re actually going to do something that’s good for you when you’ve never made a habit of doing it in the past? Resolve to be more conscious of what you are buying.

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