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The Green Buzz: Thursday, February 21

Written by | February 21st, 2013


Wake up, smell the coffee, hear the birdsong and get your Green Buzz on.

  1. There’s a reason that birdsong sounds so pleasant to our ears. Could our own language have evolved from it? (Phys.org)
  2. Buy a new car, get solar panels for your home. Nice! (New York Times)
  3. U.S. Republicans: are you listening? China just announced plans for a carbon tax. (Grist)
  4. Could the sequester affect the environment? That, and science and your health. (MNN)
  5. Thanks to a coffee fungus (eww), that cup of joe you’re drinking is in danger. (Discovery News)

Here, Fishy Fishy Fishy

Written by | January 26th, 2009


Maybe it’s because I actually bought the Billy Idol Christmas Album. Or maybe it’s because my street skates have wheels about 7” in diameter. But I’ve got a reputation for being fascinated by the absurd. That may explain why, within the last week, three (count ‘em, three) associates have notified me about PETA’s sea kitten […]

Enough With the ‘War on Weeds,’ Already!

Written by | December 31st, 2008


Just about every popular article talking about invasive species management uses the same tiresome clichés of wars and battles. It was cute once, but it has gotten old. Worse still, these clichés are now threatening to bite us in the bum. OK, I admit that I used the lame War on Weeds terminology myself; it […]

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