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Despite Setback, the Senate Should Press Forward to Pass Climate Bill this Year

Written by | July 26th, 2010


The situation looks grim, but the Conservancy’s director of U.S. climate change policy Eric Haxthausen gives us 3 reasons why the Senate should still take action.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, May 11

Written by | May 11th, 2010


The day’s best green news… Read it. Love it. Share it with a friend.

  1. Get the latest on the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill. (Grist)
  2. Finally, an answer to the question that’s been keeping us all up at night: how environmentally friendly are 3-D glasses? (Guardian Eco)
  3. Sounds like the bar is set pretty low for oil-spill-cleanup-success. (The Vine)
  4. One woman is on a mission to wipe out the Pacific “garbage patch.” (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Where do old appliances go after they die? They actually have several afterlife options. (Scientific American)

The Risks of Moving to the Frontier for Hydrocarbons

Written by | May 10th, 2010


The Gulf oil spill is a consequence of the world’s push to extract hydrocarbons from increasingly more difficult and expensive places — and a sign we should be diversifying our energy supplies.

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