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Summer Book Picks: ‘Demon Fish’

Written by | June 28th, 2011


Need some reads for the beach or your summer vacation? Our scientists and staff have some great suggestions! Today, our lead scientist Sanjayan recommends Juliet Eilperin’s “Demon Fish.”

Climate Change: It’s All About Risk

Written by | March 4th, 2010


40 years ago, science described the risks of toxic chemicals for human health — and people and governments acted. So why isn’t the United States now applying risk analysis to climate change?

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, July 29

Written by | July 29th, 2009


Wasn’t it Michael Caine in the Austin Powers’ movie “Goldmember” who said there are two kinds of people he couldn’t stand — “those who are intolerant of other cultures, and the Dutch”? We don’t take stands on whole peoples here at Cool Green Science — but the Dutch are doing some pretty funky things with […]

Sprawl Inequality and Climate Change

Written by | April 29th, 2009


I’ve been studying the growth of U.S. cities from 1990 to 2000, trying to get a handle on how much habitat was lost to urban sprawl. When most people think of sprawl destroying natural habitat, they think of a big, fast growing city. Sure enough, if you look at the total number of acres lost, […]

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