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Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 10

Written by | April 10th, 2009


It’s Good Friday in most of the Christian world, and this Midwestern, Catholic-raised boy’s thoughts are naturally turning to…Easter candy. What’s that you say? Bad for my waistline? Well, that’s a lost cause anyway…and besides, Easter candy is actually getting greener. Find out more in this morning’s meltingly hot green roundup: I Likes My Peeps: […]

World-Class Environmental Scientists Take Leadership Positions on Obama’s Team

Written by | January 16th, 2009


I follow politics, and love to argue and discuss the subject with friends. But usually conservation science and scientists are on the outside looking in – external voices trying to influence federal policy. That situation, however, just changed. President-elect Barack Obama has appointed two of the United States’ most prominent environmental and conservation scientists to […]

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