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Cool Career: Data Scientist

Written by | October 1st, 2012


Do you want to work in the “sexiest job of the 21st century”? Look no further than conservation groups like The Nature Conservancy.

Snail Love: Paternity Doesn’t Matter

Written by | September 7th, 2012


A new study about the child-rearing behavior of male snails leads one scientist to question our anthropomorphic tendencies. And should human dads learn from their marine snail counterparts?

Raising a Young Conservationist, Part 1: Loving Nature

Written by | April 2nd, 2012


Pine cones for lunch? Conservancy scientist Jensen Montambault shares a sweet story from the front lines of parenting.

Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 2

Written by | January 27th, 2011


When scientific study results get harder to reproduce, does that mean science is in crisis? Conservancy scientists Rob McDonald, Doria Gordon and Joe Fargione respond to a New Yorker article.

Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 1

Written by | January 21st, 2011


Are scientific studies proving harder and harder to replicate — and what does that mean for conservation? Conservancy scientists Jon Hoekstra and Jensen Montambault respond to a New Yorker article.

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