Cool Green Morning: Monday, February 1

Written by | February 1st, 2010


If a groundhog saw these 5 great green links tomorrow morning, she would be blinded with delight and not see her shadow. (So let’s hope tomorrow’s are just as good.)

  1. A new frog species is discovered…with a never-before-seen twist. (Mongabay)
  2. The Pentagon’s new Quadrennial Defense Review contains an analysis of climate change — a first for that big deal document. (CleanTechnica)
  3. The Vine asks: Is it time to reform the IPCC? (The Vine)
  4. China’s smart grid investments will outpace the United States’s this year. (Green Inc.)
  5. The new trend in greenhouses? Make them out of recycled windshields. (Inhabitat)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, January 29

Written by | January 29th, 2010


Get your greens for breakfast — the freshest 5 eco-stories this morning:

  1. What’s the eco-friendliest country in the world? (Hint: Not the United States.) (Yale Environment 360)
  2. Tobacco plants have been hacked to grow synthetic solar-powering cells. (Treehugger)
  3. How do you test geoengineering — projects to cool the planet, such as shooting aerosols into the atmosphere to block sunlight — without screwing up the planet? (Climate Feedback)
  4. Rajendra Pachauri defends the IPCC’s credibility…and his own. (Ecopolitology)
  5. Will the United States finally be getting bullet (as in, “faster than a speeding”) trains? (The Vine)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, January 19

Written by | January 19th, 2010


The top 5 green news links you’ll want to read today:

  1. The latest issue therapists are hearing about from bickering couples? Green disputes. (NY Times)
  2. A critic of nuclear power finds reason to argue in its favor: France. (Green Inc.)
  3. New insights into why birds migrate such long distances. (Bright Green Blog)
  4. Who needs casinos? The new source of wealth for Indian tribes could be solar power. (Christian Science Monitor)
  5. Just how fast are the Himalayan glaciers melting? (NY Times)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, November 24

Written by | November 24th, 2009


Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but today’s news isn’t uplifting: the global water problem needs more attention, oceans are becoming less effective at storing CO2 and we’ve underestimated the pace and extent of climate change. Oh, and Obama loses to Nasheed in the ring. Let’s hold out hope that the sun will come out tomorrow. A new […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 23

Written by | November 23rd, 2009


East Antarctica is melting. CO2 atmospheric concentrations are the highest in 2 million years. Green innovation needs more than a price on carbon. Cheery news this Cool Green Morning! But if we’re going to Hades, at least we’re taking the bus there…fasten your seat belts and drive deep into today’s green links: Americans are loving […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, August 31

Written by | August 31st, 2009


Cool Green Morning, defined: 1) We find the most interesting 5 green links every weekday morning. 2) You look at them. What could be easier? Begin your half of the bargain below… Adapting to climate change will cost the world at least $100 billion per year by 2030, according to a new estimate by former […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, August 26

Written by | August 26th, 2009


Could watermelon — my favorite melon — also become the hot new biofuel? It’s not an new episode of “The Simpsons” — it’s just another fabulous roundup of the top 5 green links o’ the morning, here in Coolness: 350 vs. 450? The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajenda Pachauri, has come […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, August 5

Written by | August 5th, 2009


No worries about climate change, says one of our hot green links of the morning — evolution will just speed up and help us all adapt! Except if you’re a frog, or a polar bear, or a person who lives on a coast or an island or who depends on snowmelt for your water supply […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 5

Written by | June 5th, 2009


350 versus 450? If you don’t know what that question means, you soon will — it’s going to be a huge point of discussion this December at international climate change talks. On the other hand, you could just watch the video from 350.org above and then read this morning’s Cool Greeness, thereby equipping you to […]

Will Waxman-Markey Move the World Towards Copenhagen?

Written by | April 2nd, 2009


Word of U.S. draft legislation on climate change has reached Bonn, Germany — where discussions are underway about how to secure a new global agreement this December in Copenhagen. Reports from The Nature Conservancy’s team in Bonn tell us that the hunger for U.S. action and leadership is palpable — and with U. S. Special […]

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