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The Right Stuff for U.S. Water Resources

Written by | September 16th, 2013


George C. Grugett helped bring forth the “room for our rivers” approach to managing our water resources — and it’s one that should be used more often.

Nature’s Silent Currency

Written by | March 21st, 2013


In a world of seven billion people – with three billion new consumers coming on stage by 2030 – finding a more effective model for water will require a suite of solutions. And nature is the common thread.

A Q&A with the New Director of our Global Freshwater Program

Written by | February 14th, 2013


More than 1 billion people face daily water shortages, and within the next 20 years, more than half the world’s population could face water shortages. Our CEO sits down with the new Global Freshwater Program Director to find out where to go from here.

Making the Business Case for Conservation

Written by | January 27th, 2012


Mark Tercek is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Here he looks at an innovative way one company is measuring the value of nature.

How to Tech Responsibly

Written by | May 8th, 2009


Twitter user K_M_Anderson asked the nature_org Twitter account recently: “Love new tech but worry that servers and bandwidth are coal-powered? taking open space? any info re enviro impact? how to tech responsibly?” Thanks for the tweet, K_M. As you now, the answers to your questions are not so simple. The fact is, it’s hard to […]

Where Can I Plug This Thing In?

Written by | December 19th, 2008


Let’s start off by saying the electric car is coming – and it’s coming more quickly than you think.

In fact, if you have the means to drop over $100K on a roadster, or want to tool around the neighborhood at non-highway speeds, the electric car is here now, go on and get one.

For the rest of us, Chevy (with the Volt) and Nissan will compete for the first-to-market electric vehicle, which should be introduced sometime between 2010 and 2012.

That’s right, nearly a decade after General Motors pulled the first successful electric vehicle, the EV1, off the road, America will once again hear the hum of a big ol’ battery under the hood.

So don’t fret about the electric car. Instead, fret about the infrastructure that will be needed to support the electric car.

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