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Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, September 29

Written by | September 29th, 2010


The day’s best green news…CGM FTW!

  1. Congrats to the United Kingdom, which is now home to the world’s largest offshore wind farm. (CleanTechnica)
  2. On the other side of the pond, the United States and Mexico are teaming up to try to keep methane gas out of the atmosphere. (Green)
  3. Green=green. Here’s why it’s a good idea for businesses to adopt eco-innovations. (GreenBiz)
  4. Tiny little phytoplankton could be like the puppetmasters of hurricanes, suggests new research. (Wired)
  5. Another sad effect of the Gulf oil spill: soaring depression rates among Gulf residents. (AFP via Grist)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, September 17

Written by | September 17th, 2010


We’ve got pizza, vegetables and a colony of bats. It’s the cool green news:

  1. We’re in the middle of a rare Atlantic hurricane triple header. (Dot Earth)
  2. Does this picture show a tiny new relative of the elephant? (Mongabay)
  3. A NY park is adding a sculpture to attract a colony of bats. (TreeHugger)
  4. Can a pizza topping really reduce cows’ methane emissions and increase milk production? (EcoGeek)
  5. A Georgia farmer is being sued for growing too many vegetables. (Grist)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 16

Written by | September 16th, 2010


Top 5 cool green questions of the day:

  1. Zorse, wholphin, ligers–real or imaginary? (The New York Times)
  2. Warming oceans and hurricanes–what’s the connection? (YaleE360)
  3. Climate change skeptics–more likely to be men or women? (Treehugger)
  4. Micro-hybrids–what are they and where can you get one? (The Daily Green)
  5. Finally, pooch poop–just disgusting or a source of fuel? (GoodCleanTech)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, February 25

Written by | February 25th, 2010


Fiercer hurricanes? Waste-fueled planes? No more Hummers? Today’s cool green links suggest there may be some interesting changes on the horizon:

  1. A new study suggests that fewer, but stronger, hurricanes may be in our future, thanks to climate change. (The Vine)
  2. It looks like the world will bid farewell to the gas-guzzling Hummer. (Treehugger)
  3. Is this new Bloom fuel cell thing the answer to all our clean energy problems? And why is it so expensive? (Wired)
  4. Milk packaging gets a green makeover. (GreenBiz)
  5. In a few years, we might be flying in partially waste-fueled planes. (EcoGeek)
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