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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, February 25

Written by | February 25th, 2010


Fiercer hurricanes? Waste-fueled planes? No more Hummers? Today’s cool green links suggest there may be some interesting changes on the horizon:

  1. A new study suggests that fewer, but stronger, hurricanes may be in our future, thanks to climate change. (The Vine)
  2. It looks like the world will bid farewell to the gas-guzzling Hummer. (Treehugger)
  3. Is this new Bloom fuel cell thing the answer to all our clean energy problems? And why is it so expensive? (Wired)
  4. Milk packaging gets a green makeover. (GreenBiz)
  5. In a few years, we might be flying in partially waste-fueled planes. (EcoGeek)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, April 13

Written by | April 13th, 2009


While you’re nursing a candy hangover and wondering where you, too, can get a Portuguese water spaniel puppy, we spent the night gathering the freshest green news from around the Internets for you! So how about handing over some of your candy… Do Scooters Pollute More Than Hummers? That’s a claim made in a Chicago […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, Jan. 26

Written by | January 26th, 2009


The first full week of the Obama administration begins with some potential changes to auto-emissions standards. Read on for all the interesting green stuff online this morning: Car Talk: President Obama takes a big step toward tougher auto fuel-economy standards — by reconsidering a waiver requested by 14 states that would allow them to set […]

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