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Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 6

Written by | April 6th, 2012


Now this is serious: Climate change vs. the Easter Bunny

  1. The 2012 hurricane forecast is out. How many major storms should we expect? (Discovery)
  2. Bad news: Climate change is taking its toll on the Easter bunny. (Greenspace)
  3. Good news: Stopping climate change would be much cheaper than you think. (Grist)
  4. A U.S. Forest Service employee is under fire for photographing, then killing, a gray wolf. (Washington Post)
  5. 18 of the world’s rarest ducklings have hatched. (BBC)


Cool Green Morning: Friday, October 28

Written by | October 28th, 2011


Remember, if you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em.

  1. Uncovered film footage offers a rare glimpse at a now extinct bird. (TreeHugger)
  2. Plastic water bottle-makers are being sued by the state of California over their green claims. (Greenspace)
  3. Check out the pictures named Best Environmental Photos of 2011. (National Geographic)
  4. This mummy had history’s second-oldest case of prostate cancer. (Wired)
  5. Snuffing out the invasive snakehead by putting them on the plate. (NPR)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 22

Written by | April 22nd, 2011


Happy Earth Day! Before you head out for your Picnic for the Planet, here’s Earth Day in 5 easy links:

  1. Here’s a quick look at the history of Earth Day. (Yahoo Green)
  2. Are you saving the planet or just showing off? Take the quiz. (The Christian Science Monitor)
  3. Celebrate by getting free stuff. See the best Earth Day giveaways. (Huffington Post Green)
  4. Feeling a little guilty? Now you can confess your sins against Earth. (Grist)
  5. Are Americans recycling more electronic waste this Earth Day? (Greenspace)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 8

Written by | April 8th, 2011


What’s the longest you waited before asking someone on a date? I’ll bet it was less than 4 decades:

  1. Two elderly tuataras, a lizard-like species, waited 40 years to mate and inspire a romance film. (Treehugger)
  2. Your next computer could be delivered in mushroom packaging. (EcoGeek)
  3. New forecasts predict sea level rise by region and it’s bad news for a major east coast city. (BBC)
  4. Freeway air pollution has been linked to brain damage in mice. (Greenspace)
  5. Our solar system has a nose, and a NASA spacecraft found it. (National Geographic)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, November 23

Written by | November 23rd, 2010


Take your pick. You can read about technology hurting the environment, or helping it:

  1. Multiple studies are showing that WiFi may be killing trees. (Treehugger)
  2. How a single scientist with a cell phone pic helped stop the Gulf oil spill. (Huffington Post)
  3. Is birth control in the water killing our environment? (Grist)
  4. Could waves provide 10% of America’s electricity? (Greenspace)
  5. It’s a long weekend. Try some of the 26 best citizen science projects for kids. (The Daily Green)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, November 18

Written by | November 18th, 2010


Sharks, parrotfish, desert tortoise…it’s an animal medley here at cool green morning!

  1. A shark sanctuary larger than Denmark has been declared in the Coral Triangle. Yay! (Mongabay)
  2. Best way to sleep if you’re a parrotfish? Tucked in to your safe little cocoon….made of mucus. (BBC)
  3. Do conservation easements work? A TNC study in Wyoming takes a look. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  4. Hikers rejoice: 200 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail have been fixed up, thanks to the federal government. (Greenspace)
  5. Is there a silver lining for the desert tortoise as solar power plants invade its territory? (Green)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 7

Written by | September 7th, 2010


Awww… did you miss your cool green news over the long weekend?

  1. Even Henry Ford experimented with making cars from hemp. (Treehugger)
  2. Are Energy Star ratings really all that meaningful? (Greenspace)
  3. A new study says Africa’s civil wars are not influenced by environmental disasters like drought and heat waves. (BBC)
  4. The legal showdown over Asian carp in the Great Lakes begins today. (LA Times)
  5. Is a robot that moves like a snake useful for field research? See for yourself–watch snakebot climb a tree! (Ecogeek)
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