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Cool Green Morning: Monday, January 30

Written by | January 30th, 2012


Today we’ll boldly go where no Lego man has gone before.

  1. Teens send a Lego 80,000 feet into the clouds (and they have video!). (Los Angeles Times)
  2. Marine mammals are showing up on more dinner plates than you may except. (Huffington Post)
  3. What country takes first prize on the environmental performance index? (Green)
  4. Sea cucumber poo may be key to saving the world’s coral reefs. (TreeHugger)
  5. NASA video shows the Earth’s rise in temperature over the past 131 years. (Mongabay)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, January 29

Written by | January 29th, 2010


Get your greens for breakfast — the freshest 5 eco-stories this morning:

  1. What’s the eco-friendliest country in the world? (Hint: Not the United States.) (Yale Environment 360)
  2. Tobacco plants have been hacked to grow synthetic solar-powering cells. (Treehugger)
  3. How do you test geoengineering — projects to cool the planet, such as shooting aerosols into the atmosphere to block sunlight — without screwing up the planet? (Climate Feedback)
  4. Rajendra Pachauri defends the IPCC’s credibility…and his own. (Ecopolitology)
  5. Will the United States finally be getting bullet (as in, “faster than a speeding”) trains? (The Vine)
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