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Cool Green Morning: Monday, December 7

Written by | December 7th, 2009


It’s the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor…and the opening of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen. (Don’t draw any inferences from that coincidence.) It might be snowy and freezing where you are, but it’s always cool and green here every weekday… 56 newspapers in 45 countries have published op-eds this morning urging decisive […]

Open Thread: Which Eco-Issue Keeps You Up at Night?

Written by | November 9th, 2009


Our former colleague and friend Scott Anderson over at The Green Skeptic posed (and answered) a great question last week — which issue keeps you up at night? Is it climate change? Species loss? Ocean pollution? Enviromental refugees? That young people don’t get out into nature anymore? Or something else? Don’t bottle it up inside […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, May 6

Written by | May 6th, 2009


After a raucous night of dangerous partying to celebrate nature.org’s two Webby Awards, we just got right up and did these five best green links of the morning for you. Because THAT’s how you win a Webby…(oh, and don’t forget to send us your ideas for our five-word acceptance speech at the Webby Award ceremony). […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, Jan. 21

Written by | January 21st, 2009


Killer whales, black swans, fish poop and Sarah Palin — there’s a lot going on in the green blogosphere this morning, and we bring the best of it to you: All Aboard the Green Train: Sarah Palin announces she wants Alaska to get half its electricity from renewables by 2025. (Hat tip: Green Inc.) The […]

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