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Hollywood’s Unsung Hero: Nature

Written by | February 22nd, 2012


The Academy Awards are this Sunday and we noticed a category missing from the list: best celebration of nature in a movie. Here are four Oscar-worthy films that we’d like to nominate for this green award.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 5

Written by | March 5th, 2010


A mourning dove is pecking at my window, trying to get in. Hey, pal — read Cool Green Morning on your own computer, like everybody else does!

  1. A new book says climate change will craft a new world order — United States and E.U. vs. China and Russia. (Climate Feedback)
  2. Why the “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers” campaign is state-of-the-art conservation marketing. (Conservation Maven)
  3. The new climate change battleground: The American classroom. (Dot Earth)
  4. Greenhouse gases so hog the spotlight — so here’s a look at the neglected airborne pollutants. (The Vine)
  5. The 5 movies that should win an Oscar from a green standpoint (yes, yes,”Avatar” is still one of them). (The Daily Green)
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