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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, January 28

Written by | January 28th, 2014


In today’s green news, a glimpse into ancient forest management and bad news for the big fish and the small fish.

  1. Warmer seas are causing species of fish to mature earlier, stunting their maximum length by up to 29% in the North Sea (The Guardian)
  2. Indigenous peoples have been carefully managed the rainforests of Asia for 11,000 years by seamlessly clearing pockets of vegetation for agriculture, new findings reveal. (Mongabay)
  3. A large shark was killed off the coast of Western Australia, the first to be connected to a new shark cull that was put into place to prevent human fatalities. (CNN)




Cool Green Morning: Friday, August 17

Written by | August 17th, 2012


We’ve got a touching animal reunion for you in today’s green news.

  1. Gorillas reunite after 3 years apart. Hugs! Photos! (Huffington Post Green)
  2. Perhaps Shark Week will star this new shark species next year? (TreeHugger)
  3. Not a record to be proud of: Greenland suffers record melt. (Mongabay)
  4. A surfing robot tracks great white sharks off the coast of California. (BBC)
  5. Noisy ships makes it hard for right whales to communicate. (NOAA)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, February 9

Written by | February 9th, 2010


Green your morning with the top 5 enviro-news stories online:

  1. The pika has gone from being the animal most vulnerable to climate change in the United States to not being threatened at all… what happened? (Green Inc.)
  2. Has the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) been sloppy with its science? (NY Times)
  3. No more greenwashing says the FTC… companies will need to start making eco-claims that are truly meaningful. (The Vine)
  4. Check out this clip from a new ocean film featuring the White Shark Cafe, a favorite hang-out of great white sharks. (Treehugger)
  5. If you live in the Windy City, you can now charge your electric car at a station powered by… wind, of course. (EcoGeek)

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, November 5

Written by | November 5th, 2009


Things are looking up today — climate talks are reportedly going well, America beats the world in geothermal R&D, and great white sharks now have their very own singles bar. Ain’t life Cool? How are things in Barcelona (aside from the shocking underperformance of its namesake soccer team this year)? For the climate talks now […]

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