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Where’s the Best Place You’ve Ever Dived?

Written by | January 10th, 2009


As a marine biologist, I’m extremely fortunate that I get to visit some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs. Many people have asked me: “Where is the best place you’ve ever dived?” Wow, now that’s a tough question. For sheer biodiversity, it’s the Coral Triangle, where the range of life forms, in all shapes […]

Is Climate Change Causing Coral Reef Osteoporosis?

Written by | January 7th, 2009


Another gloomy report on the effects of all of the carbon dioxide we humans are spewing into the atmosphere: Oceans are becoming more acidic. This is particularly bad for living coral, the delicate little creatures that literally build the reefs that support an incredibly diverse amount of ocean life. As reported in the latest issue […]

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