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Cool Green Morning: Friday, November 9

Written by | November 9th, 2012


Imagine enjoying your Cool Green Morning without coffee. Scary but very possible…

  1. Fish “bodyguards” protect coral from seaweed attack. (LiveScience)
  2. Buzzkill. Climate change may put your cup of joe at risk. (National Geographic)
  3. When life gives you wood chips, make gasoline. (Green)
  4. Surfboards emit as much CO2 as cellphones and laptops. (TreeHugger)
  5. An ultralight aircraft guides a flock of whooping cranes on their migration route. (Huffington Post Green)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, February 4

Written by | February 4th, 2011


Is it really that important to have a heated pool? Check out this morning’s 5 cool green links and decide:

  1. The U.S. government backs a $1 billion plan to make gasoline from wood. (Green)
  2. 400 Yellowstone bison are being held for possible slaughter. (NPR)
  3. Would you swim in a crematorium-heated swimming pool? (Grist)
  4. Astronomers have identified 54 planets that could be suitable for life. (BBC)
  5. A tiny shape-shifting water flea has the largest genome of any animal studied. (MSNBC)
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