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The Green Buzz: Friday, October 11

Written by | October 11th, 2013


Just another reason elephants are awesome. That and more, in today’s Green Buzz.

  1. School’s out! Georgia school cancels class because the weather is too nice. (TreeHugger)
  2. Like humans, elephants get the point of pointing. (NY Times)
  3. Hold your noses… government shutdown stalls out stink bug monitoring program. (Wired)
  4. France upholds law banning fracking. (Guardian)
  5. Predictions are in on when our climate reaches the point-of-no-return. (Bloomberg)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 1

Written by | July 1st, 2011


Is the rain in Spain caused mainly by planes?

  1. Airplanes flying through clouds may cause extra rain near airports. (Huffington Post Green)
  2. The world’s loudest animal is only 2 millimeters long, uses a unique instrument. (TreeHugger)
  3. A new plan has been issued to save the northern spotted owl. (New York Times)
  4. Can you guess which country has become the first to ban fracking? (Scientific American)
  5. Researchers find plastic in more than 9% of the fish in the northern Pacific Ocean. (LA Times)
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