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Panther Crossing… and Baseball?

Written by | March 20th, 2012


A hard-to-miss “Panther Xing” sign outside the Red Sox spring training facility has fans wondering if the federally endangered Florida panther needs more habitat.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 28

Written by | September 28th, 2010


Ready for some cool green news this morning?

  1. USFWS tries to identify which animals face the most threats from climate change. (Green)
  2. The world’s oldest trees face a one-two punch that could mean their demise. (The New York Times)
  3. R.I.P the EPA’s well-regarded Climate Leaders program for reducing CO2. (Green Biz)
  4. Florida panthers are coming back–but they continue to face obstacles. (The Christian Science Monitor)
  5. GPS for your bike? There’s an app for that! (Treehugger)

Saving the Great Outdoors from the Grass Roots Up

Written by | April 14th, 2010


Last Friday’s White House Conference on America’s Great Outdoors featured a new generation that’s taking conservation into its own hands, says the Conservancy’s Bob Bendick.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, January 7

Written by | January 7th, 2010


Start off your day with the top 5 green news links online:

  1. Scientists have discovered a thicket of scrub oaks in California that can reproduce by cloning. (The New York Times)
  2. See video of yesterday’s violent boat crash between protesters and Japanese whalers. (Dot Earth)
  3. Collisions — by boat and car — are the cause for 2009′s increase in panther and manatee deaths in Florida. (Extinction Countdown)
  4. Political turmoil in Madagascar threatens to destroy gains in rainforest protection. (YaleE360)
  5. Looking for a green job this year? Check out this opportunity to protect puffins. (Treehugger)
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