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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 8

Written by | September 8th, 2011


Today’s green news is a little fishy.

  1. In case you were wondering, this is what climate change looks like. (Grist)
  2. Dolphins– they’re just like us! Or they talk like us, at least. (Wired)
  3. A new report calls for an outright ban on industrial deep-sea fishing. (YaleE360)
  4. Leasing solar panels for your home: worth it or no? (The Daily Green)
  5. Discharge from two coal mines killed more than 42,000 fish, and Pennsylvania’s mad enough to sue. (Green)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, September 2

Written by | September 2nd, 2011


What are you doing this weekend? Me, looks like I’ll be staring up at the stars.

  1. Find out how you could see a supernova from your backyard this weekend. (Wired)
  2. Mobile dumpster parks are bringing extra nature to downtown San Francisco. (LA Times)
  3. Organic farming may be more profitable in the long-term than conventional agriculture. (Mongabay)
  4. 124,000 fish suffocate to death in a single Texas lake due to the extreme heat. (TreeHugger)
  5. Whey protein can be transformed into a sustainable plastic for food packaging. (EcoGeek)
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