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Nature Photo of the Week: Colorful Finch

Written by | August 22nd, 2013


You may want to grab your sunglasses to view our Nature Photo of the Week — the bright coloring of this Gouldian Finch is almost blinding! What incredibly vibrant colors.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, February 19

Written by | February 19th, 2010


Birds, eels, aliens, cats (and trash): Just another Cool Green Morning of great big eco-news:

  1. Why do healthy finches like to eat next to sick finches? (60-Second Science podcast)
  2. Europe’s eel populations are sinking fast…and eel fisherman with them. (Blogfish)
  3. British Airways says it’ll source some jet fuel from London’s trash. (CleanTechinca)
  4. “District 9″ redux: The Index of Alien Impact is here. (Conservation Maven)
  5. Are big cats making a comeback in India? (DotEarth)

Howard Cheek and the Relevance of Beauty

Written by | April 3rd, 2009


With so much attention being paid to the entirety of America’s bird species, this might be a good time to take a closer look at a few individual birds. A cardinal, perhaps, with wings stretched wide for a soft landing; or a ruby-throated hummingbird, frozen in mid-flight, its tiny, feathered body floating against a deep […]

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