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The Church Bird of Borneo

Written by | February 26th, 2009


Tree sparrows (Passer montanus) would not rank particularly high on my list of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful species. They are pretty average looking: chestnut brown, some white and a bit of black. Cute but..well, I guess, a bit boring. Or are they? In Europe, these sparrows are shy and don’t hang around near people. […]

The Real Identity of a Conservation Worker

Written by | February 16th, 2009


I spend quite a bit of my time flying through the Indonesian archipelago. On-board entertainment consists mostly of reruns of a hidden camera program called “Just for Laughs,” where practical jokes are played on innocent passers-by. Although the jokes can be pretty lame, it provides a perfect source of silent fun. Sometimes the whole plane […]

Better a Logged Forest Than None at All

Written by | February 13th, 2009


Erik makes the case why logging of tropical rainforests is not necessarily bad

All for the Sake of Some Frog Legs

Written by | February 5th, 2009


I have worked in Indonesian conservation for over 15 years, and have a pretty good picture of what’s going on. At least so I thought — until I was confronted with a recent study on the consumption of frog legs. As it turns out, the annual global trade in frogs for human consumption has increased […]

What is Success in Conservation?

Written by | January 22nd, 2009


Erik wonders how we measure our progress in a field as difficult and complex as conservation. It is not always clear where failure stops and successes start.

So Species-Rich…But Where Are All The Birds?

Written by | January 19th, 2009


Erik wonders why bird diversity in Indonesian towns is so low. These are the tropics after all. So where are all those birds?

Shouldn’t We Be Shooting a Few More Mammals and Birds?

Written by | January 10th, 2009


A good friend of mine sent me a camera trap photo of a cat-sized mammal the other day. It had been taken in a remote forest in the Sumatran highlands. I know the mammals of this part of the world pretty well — my background is in mammal taxonomy — but I have absolutely no […]

Taking Advantage of the Economic Downturn

Written by | December 7th, 2008


Many of us have felt the impact of the economic crisis. Shares are down, pension funds have evaporated, some have lost their jobs, and house prices have plummeted. The world has certainly seen more cheerful times, at least in financial terms. Conservation organizations are also being forced to cut back, because we expect that the […]

The Lacey Act and What It Could Do for Indonesia

Written by | December 4th, 2008


An amendment to the Lacey Act was recently approved by the U.S. Congress. It may sound like another piece of rather tedious paper work, but this amendment has major implications for management and conservation of forests in Indonesia. The new Lacey Act amendment basically says that any plant or timber products that come into the […]

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