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Cool Green Morning: Monday, April 16

Written by | April 16th, 2012


Start your week off with a cup of green coffee and a side of green news.

  1. Himalayan glaciers rebel and buck the global trend of continued ice loss. (The Guardian)
  2. How to sell the greenest coffee: deliver it by bicycle in returnable mason jars. (TreeHugger)
  3. The population of emperor penguins in Antarctica just doubled. (Mongabay)
  4. Is it too late to save the critically endangered Amur leopard? (BBC Nature)
  5. Eat less meat, save the Earth. (Live Science)

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, Jan. 27

Written by | January 27th, 2009


The outlook for emperor penguins is grim, but mountain gorillas in the Congo could be making a comeback… read on for this morning’s enviro-news from cyberspace. Penguin Death March? New research says emperor penguins could be 95 percent extinct by 2100 if Antarctic ice continues to melt. C’mon people, we need to save the penguins! Your […]

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