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Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 25

Written by | September 25th, 2012


What do Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter have in common?

  1. It sounds like a movie, but it’s not: zombie bees have invaded Washington state. (Seattle Times)
  2. The brain that revolutionized physics now can be downloaded as an app for $9.99. (TIME)
  3. New survey reveals our greenest Presidents. (Green)
  4. How many commuters bike to work in your state? (Mother Nature Network)
  5. Alien earthworms are taking over almost every continent. (BBC Nature)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, September 23

Written by | September 23rd, 2011


Do you get the feeling a certain Dave Matthews Band song will get played about 5 million times today?

  1. The NASA satellite UARS is expected to crash to Earth this afternoon, but where will it hit? (Christian Science Monitor)
  2. A pillar of physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity may have been refuted. (Huffington Post)
  3. Here’s an interesting theory as to why Chinese stink bugs nearly disappeared this year. (Treehugger)
  4. A new map reveals the most biodiverse place on Earth, and it’s already threatened by oil. (Mongabay)
  5. A newly discovered plant in Brazil bends down to bury its own seeds. (BBC)
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